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Ubuntu 10.04 Start-up Script

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Ubuntu 10.04 Start-up Script

Post by arscariosus on Mon Jul 19, 2010 1:21 pm

This post is for first time Ubuntu users who are trying out Linux with most user friendly distro available (Linux is only the kernel, a distribution is a complete package with all the system tools, desktop environment(<- more on this later pag sinipag ako maexplain.) , applications, etc..). There are a lot of Linux distros or flavor available, and it's just a matter of preference: Ubuntu, Mandriva, Fedora, Debian, Linpus, OPENSuse and the list goes on.

One problem people might experience when using any distro is that they cannot play any proprietary codec out of the box ( MP3s, MP4s, AVIs, MPG, etc.). It is because of the fact that proprietary software/codecs is not licensed with the GNU Public License, meaning it is not open source. So you have to install them yourself assuming you know your way around.

Luckily, guys like Andrei here creates a simple start-up bash script to make first time configuration easier for less experienced users. This script has a GUI with the list of all your fundamental needs and it's just a matter of checking them and clicking okay. It saves you time to manually add repositories and install them one by one.

It includes:

Mozilla Thunderbird
Chromium browser
Google Chrome
Google Earth
All codecs and extras
Gnome DO
All developer tools
and a lot more.

To install the script, simply follow these steps:
1) Open the terminal. If you can't find it or you don't know how, press ALT + F2 on your keyboard and type in gnome-terminal.

2) On the terminal type cd Downloads

3) Type wget http://launchpad.net/ubuntustart/0.4.x/0.4.8/+download/ubuntu-10.04-start.tar.gz

4) Type tar -zxvf ubuntu-10.04-start.tar.gz to extract the tarball.

5) Type chmod +x ubuntu-10.04-start to make the script executable.

6) Execute the script by typing sudo ./ubuntu-10.04-start. At this point it will ask you your sudo password which is simply the password you use when you login. sudo's behavior in Ubuntu is different from Fedora which uses the root password to be given a super user privilege.

I hope this helps in making your Linux experience better. Very Happy

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Re: Ubuntu 10.04 Start-up Script

Post by krishish on Mon Aug 02, 2010 1:52 pm

hi. im planning to install linux in my laptop. sabi nila pwede daw marami ang os sabay2?

how would i start? thanks
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Re: Ubuntu 10.04 Start-up Script

Post by arscariosus on Mon Aug 02, 2010 2:58 pm

Yup pwede ka magdualboot or magtriple boot ng OS.
Start with Wubi (Windows Ubuntu Installer), alam ko pinost siya ni Mimi doon sa OSS section. Windows application yun na tutulungan ka magsetup ng bagong partition w/ a new Ubuntu installation without messing with too much technical details such as MBR and without the need for a LiveUSB. Kailangan mo lang nung Wubi at Ubuntu 10.04 .iso file. Bale pag nirun mo siya, tatanong lang niya sa 'yo yung path ng .iso file at kung ilang HD space ang gusto mong ibigay dun sa OS ( 10GB is enough kung explore mo lang siya or tamang coding lang ang gagawin).

Pero hindi siya sabay-sabay, for example kailangan mo i-shutdown yung Windows mo to boot in Ubuntu and vice versa. Kung gusto mo sabay-sabay talaga, you could use VirtualBox and other similar software, kaso mas babagal ang laptop mo depending sa ia-allot mong memory/HD space at running applications.
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Re: Ubuntu 10.04 Start-up Script

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